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MAJ Bonds Bio

My name is MAJOR Christopher Bonds.  I am the new Senior Military Instructor at Gage Park.  My Assistant Military Instructor is SSG David Logan.  Our goal is to promote good citizenship and foster leadership skills that will follow Cadets/Students for a lifetime.  I retired for the Army Reserves in Dec of 2016 after serving in the Army for 29 years.  I am a combat war veteran that served on two overseas deployments (Iraq and Kuwait) and 4 US mobilizations.  I am a graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with a degree in Biological Science and minor in Chemistry.  I am also a graduate of the Cook County Hospital/Malcolm X Physician Assistant program with a degree in Physician Assistant Medicine.  I enjoy healthy eating, daily physical fitness and participating in several outreach ministries at my local house of worship.  I have been happily married to the greatest woman in the world, Zephye Bonds.  I have 3 Children (2 Sons-Chris/Ethan and 1 daughter Sarah, 3 puppies and 1 guinea pig). I look forward to working with the Gage Park staff, students, parents and community.  I am always open to suggestions/recommendations.  Working together we all can make Gage Park the best it can be.   Blessings in all you do!