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Physical and Health Education Class

Hello!, I'm Mr. Maher and  I've had the pleasure of working at Gage Park for the last 3 years. I am the Boys Varsity Basketball Coach and facilitate Mikva Youth Voice which focuses on creating opportunities to make GPHS and the surrounding community a better place by student developed action plans. 
I have my B.S. degree In Kinesiology and Sports Studies from Eastern Illinois University and  minor in Health Education. I am currently working on getting my Drivers Education Endorsement and in the near future I will begin to work on my Masters Degree in Athletic Administration. 
Here at Gage I work everyday to teach 3 major concepts in my students. 
1) Develop an understanding that a healthy lifestyle starts in the  mind and developing good habits is a key to wellness. 
2) Small changes can have a large impact on wellness.  
3) Finding activities that challenge the mind as well as the body will promote positive growth from the inside out.