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SWOP Parent Mentor Program

The Southwest Organizing Project’s (SWOP) mission is to build a broad-based organization of Christian, Muslim and Jewish faith institutions, public and private schools and other institutions in Southwest Chicago, which will enable families to exercise common values, determine their own future and connect with each other to improve life in their neighborhoods. To this end, leaders of SWOP have dedicated themselves to building relationships across racial, ethnic, generational and faith differences and to bringing the common concerns of their institutions into the public life of the community as they develop the capacity to act collectively and “stand for the whole.”

Currently the SWOP Parent Mentor program includes 130 parents and exists in 14 CPS schools in the Chicago Southwest community. At Gage Park High School SWOP leads initiatives to increase parent involvement and leadership. Each year, parent mentors commit to participating in their child’s school by volunteering 100 hour semester hours, two hours a day and four days a week. Parent Mentors support teachers, students and staff with daily tasks such as hall monitoring and class room management. Along with working hands-on with students and teachers, parent mentors also attend weekly leadership development training sessions led by SWOP organizers.
Keana Lindo
My name is Keana Lindo, I'm the parent mentor coordinator here at Gage Park HS through the Southwest Organizing Project. I have a rich history of working with families within our schools and community. I currently serve on the LSC at Morrill Elementary and work with their students after school through the Teen Reach program. My goal as Parent Mentor Coordinator is to engage and develop parents as leaders that can contribute to the overall goals and vision of Gage Park High School and be valuable resources to students and staff.