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Gads Hill Center

Gads Hill Center uses a holistic approach to impact students, families, staff, and the Gage Park community:

Children and Youth
· Clinicians use evidence-based counseling interventions to aid students in decreasing symptoms of mental illness, including disruptive behavior and aggression, self-harm, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, bullying, and low motivation.
· Enhancing students’ social-emotional skills can help them improve their ability to focus and control their behavior in the classroom, which impacts their academic success, connection to school and attendance.

· Clinicians provide counseling services for families at their homes, in community locations and in schools to increase access to resources and augment parent engagement.
· Family-centered interventions promote strengthening of the family unit and stable support for students.

School Staff and Teachers
· Clinicians develop collaborative partnerships with school staff members by providing strategic problem solving to enhance organizational process and efficacy of

· Specific services are offered to teaching staff, such as conducting student observations in the classroom, providing short-term counseling, and meeting with teachers to support students who struggle with behavioral issues to decrease fatigue and increase academic focus.
· Additionally, clinicians provide staff training's on topics such as effective communication, secondary traumatization, team building and classroom management, which promotes the well-being of staff members, boosts morale, improves the climate of the school/agency, and enhances the collaborative process.