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SVC Mental Health Project

Through the SVC students in Gage Park will be provided peer and staff mentors. While a peer mentor won’t necessarily “cure” mental health, it will give students an outlet to talk about what is going on in their lives. This is vital because a lot of times young people just need a safe space and someone to talk with to alleviate their stress. We will help provide SEL training to mentors so they can be as supportive as possible.

In order to tackle improving mental health, we have created a detailed timeline and map of what needs to happen between now and May to reach our goals. Long-term goals include creating a peer and staff mentor system for this year and next. Using surveys and interviews, we will match appropriate mentors with students based on preferences, schedule, and need. Short-term goals have been meeting with the principals to further strategize our project, and we are in the process of contacting other organizations in and outside of school and community. We plan on utilizing different clubs as creative, therapeutic outlets for stress such as knitting and gardening in our school garden in the courtyard. We already have teacher volunteers for both. We also plan on having student vs. staff game days to build better relationships, such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball. We will also showcase a large, visible bulletin board to show off all the positive relationships in Gage Park. Lastly, we will identify and provide resources and additional outlets for mental health services for the Gage Park community.

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