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Assistant Principal Thomas Peri

August 24th , 2017


Greetings Students, Staff, and Families,


My name is Thomas Peri and I’m thrilled to become your new Assistant Principal. I believe that great schools are the result of establishing a culture that models compassion and celebrates curiosity.


I grew up in a family of teachers, and have spent my entire adult life working with kids or in schools. Prior to my work as an Assistant Principal in Pilsen, I was a Strategist and Instructional Support Leader for the Board of Education, a Teacher and Department Chair, a Technology Coordinator, and an Assistant Dean at the Elementary and High school level. Before that I’d been a Graduate Assistant researching Family Studies, a church Youth Director, and a SECA at a school for developmentally disabled students. My academic background includes a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, a Master of Arts in English Education, and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy.


Sometimes as adults we forget that being a kid can be pretty difficult. I’m sure many of us don’t always remember our sometimes awkward formative years as fondly as others! I’ve learned in my work that every interaction with a child can have a long and lasting impact, positive or negative. I’ll always keep this in mind when I speak to students, no matter the situation.


Being a teacher can be difficult too, especially nowadays, and I will be vigilant about easing the burden on teachers so that they have the time, energy, and collaborative support to make sure daily instruction is captivating, edifying, and hopefully fun.


One of my top priorities as Assistant Principal will be advocating for Diverse Learners, to make sure they receive all of the supports they need. Growing up with a sister whose severe dyslexia was left undiagnosed for years, I know many of her daily struggles could’ve been prevented had someone taken a greater interest and the time to learn more. I promise to be that person.


I will also be eager to hear from parents and others stakeholders, whose concerns, ideas, and opinions are vital to continuous school improvement.


I am honored to become the Assistant Principal for such an outstanding neighborhood school, and look forward to working with you in the coming years.


In Partnership,



Thomas K. Peri