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Meet the Administrative Team

Gage Park High School is fully committed to providing students and families with the highest levels of support, opportunities and education. Each year the administrative team sets high standards to produce stronger outcomes for our students and their families. In order to connect with students, parents and the community we have fully embraced an Open Door Policy. We welcome you to come visit Gage Park High School and meet the amazing administrative team that is so instrumental in advancing the mission of our school.

 Tamika Ball
I have a total of 14 years experience in Elementary Education and Administration. I am a Chicago Public School graduate from Lindblom High School. I obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education from National-Louis University and a Master of Arts in Administration and Organizational Change from Roosevelt University earning a Professional Educators License with an endorsement in Administration. Currently, I am the Interim Principal at Gage Park High School and is part of the Chicago Leadership Collaborative through New Leaders in which I obtained an additional Principal license. 
I held various leadership roles that included Lead Teacher, Instructional Leader, as well as a Corps Member Adviser for Teach for America. In addition, I am part of a non-for-profit that is dedicated in providing resources to the Englewood community. My core values are embedded in children receiving a high quality public education and to remain being a change catalyst, a transformer in any situation or organization to increase student achievement for all children.
Thomas Peri
Assistant Principal 

My name is Thomas Peri and I’m thrilled to become your new Assistant Principal. I believe that great schools are the result of establishing a culture that models compassion and celebrates curiosity.


I grew up in a family of teachers, and have spent my entire adult life working with kids or in schools. Prior to my work as an Assistant Principal in Pilsen, I was a Strategist and Instructional Support Leader for the Board of Education, a Teacher and Department Chair, a Technology Coordinator, and an Assistant Dean at the Elementary and High school level. Before that I’d been a Graduate Assistant researching Family Studies, a church Youth Director, and a SECA at a school for developmentally disabled students. My academic background includes a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, a Master of Arts in English Education, and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy.




Carmia Fuqua

Assistant Principal

My name is Carmia Fuqua and I am one of your new assistant principals. My professional career as an educator spans for 23 years of providing creative, rigorous, and real world experiences for Chicago Public School students.  As a teacher, I have had the great pleasure of teaching grades 2nd through 9th, my specialty being reading.  Also, as a Curriculum Coordinator I served teachers in grades K through 8th.  I have found that the collaboration of the school community and all stakeholders working together every day for the students is the exemplary quality of an effective school. 

My roots as an educator run deep. I was born into a family of educators.  Growing up in a household where education was taught to be very important, I knew at a very early age that in order for me to be successful, I would have to do well in school. Although I received an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, I went on to pursue and receive a master’s degree in Education.  Understanding the great need of literacy I then pursued and received a master’s degree in Reading.  In addition, after completing the course work for an Ed.D in Educational Leadership and Policy, I received my administrative licensure. I have witnessed so many changes in the educational system over the years I knew I needed a larger platform to make the difference that is necessary to improve student achievement. Thus, my educational journey has been a true testament of my belief in the importance of education.  My philosophy is simple, “Students don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Michael Martinez
Sports Administrator / Science Coach

I’m from the south side of Chicago and have been in education for six years. I have B.A. in Humanities and an M.A.  in Science Education from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Before joining Gage Park I interned at John G. Shedd Aquarium, working with their education department to connect the exhibits to inquiry based learning activities featured on site. I joined the Chicago Public School system back in 2011 and began classroom instruction at another south side high school before coming to Gage Park in 2013.


At Gage Park I have taught a variety of science courses and have coached several of our boys and girls athletic teams. I am also the Athletic Director for Gage Park ensuring that all students are academically and physically eligible to compete and represent Gage Park throughout the Chicago land area. Currently, I have the pleasure of leading the science department and coaching our science teachers with the goal of building teacher capacity and thus improve student outcomes.