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Principal's Message

Ms. Tamika Ball, Principal

It is with great honor for me to lead a Chicago Public High School less than three miles from the CPS high school I once attended and graduated. I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and can identify with some of the same experiences that my students and families face daily. As a child, I had a broad imagination, that developed into my dreams, and later into hope.


Gage Park High School is a place where our students can imagine and dream to be whatever they aspire to be. Gage Park values shared leadership. At our school you will find administrative leaders, teacher leaders, and student leaders. It is my belief that as leaders we must embrace and cultivate whatever our students want to become.


We provide our students with a high-quality education and vocational training to manifest their desire to become college and career ready. In addition, it is important to develop our students into leaders so that they can continue to develop the youth that come after them. We offer field experiences for our students, college tours, and advanced placement courses. Students must also obtain service learning hours as part of our graduation requirement to learn the importance of community building.


Gage Park High School is “on track” with the support of our staff, parents, community members, and external partners. We will continue to develop our students into 21st century critical thinkers and doers to prepare them for successful careers and lives.




 Educationally yours,