McKay School Visits Gage Park High School

Thursday Morning May 10th 2018 we were honored to have Mckay students and staff visit our school. The morning began with Junior Sieanna Thomas sharing her experience and dreams of going to law school and how Gage Park is helping reach those goals. Ms. Allen our school counselor followed Sieanna to emphasize that Gage Park has a great team whose number one focus is to support and cheer students on. Students visited a number of classrooms that ranged from honors, dual enrollment, trigonometry, civics and much more. 
After the class visits, students were led by student leaders on a school tour and ended the day with pizza and a performance from the RISE Hip-Hip Dance Team. It was a pleasure to have Mckay in the house. Special thanks to Ms. Graves counselor at Mckay for coordinating this trip. 
To view more pictures of the visit click here