Senior Day of Action 2018 Was a Hit!!!!

Developing networking skills is one of the most crucial elements of the day. Many of our students rarely have the chance to speak with adults who are not family members or teachers. Senior Day of Action allowed students to overcome many of their misconceptions about the business world and explore these misconceptions with adults who have successful careers.

The day is divided into three sessions:
● ELEVATOR PITCH: ​Working with Gage Park ’s Youth Job Center staff, students will have the
opportunity to craft an elevator pitch that will help them in job, college, and scholarship
interviews. Students will also learn about the 30+ high growth - high demand career
pathways that the YJC presents to young people.
● ONE-ON-ONE INTERVIEWS: Volunteers will meet with students to explore what options are for life after high school. Students will be bringing some concrete ideas as well as their biggest dreams. This is an opportunity for students to receive individual attention on improving their interviewing skills and get feedback on their post-secondary plans.
● ALUMNI PANELS: Students will attend a panel discussion with Gage Park Alumni to hear their experiences in life after graduation. During these sessions students will examine their short- and long-term college and career goals as they hear from former Gage Park students sharing their insights about their college experiences.


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