Gage Park Students and Teachers Participate in the William J. Hibbler Schoolhouse to Courthouse Event

 We were hosted by Timothy Hudson of the law firm  Tabet DiVito & Rothstein LLC. 
We had a light breakfast and met with federal defenders, prosecutors, and judges including Sergio Fidel Rodriguez and Sheri  Mecklenburg. From breakfast we headed to a courtroom and six of our students performeda mock hearing regarding fictional gun rights. The two sides were led by Tim Hudson and Yasmin Best and included Anthony Philips, Marina Ruiz, Kim Miller, Aniyah Lindo, Justin Lovesmith, and Samantha Patricio. All present were quite impressed by the composure of the GPHS students.
Finally, we headed to the Chicago Bar Association where we were treated to a nice lunch and enjoyed a keynote speech by retired Magistrate Judge and United States Marine Arlander Keys.
Everyone was impressed with the Gage Park Owls!