Experiencing the Murakami Exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art

During the field trip to the Murakami exhibit in the MCA, Museum of Contemporary Art at Chicago students started off by analyzing Amanda Williams artworks and then they traveled to the Michael Rakowitz artworks on first floor. Students made comparisons about the objectives of Williams and Rakowitiz artworks to challenge us, the viewers, to question who decides what is valuable and show us there is emence value even in places rocked by turmoil, violence, and destruction.

 Eventually students transitioned to Takeshi Murakami where he is dealing with subverting popular culture and connecting with his own culture and Japan’s history. Students saw how he evolved from art making in a more modern and traditional way, to inventing Mr. DOB, and working in a more contemporary practice eventually employing a team of people to help him construct his artworks.

 The Art 2 students who went on this trip know more about Murakami, to inform how they start their next project, and feel a deeper connection to the artworks they saw. It truly was a great experience :)