Gage Park Students Experience Hamilton

Lights, Camera, and RAIN! Even with heavy showers above us, the velvet curtains opened wide in the theater; ushers were ready to take our tickets, and the show was about to start. From the time we stepped off the bus to the time we lined up to get back on, the best part of the Hamilton experience was the common ground teens found in their support of the student performances. With the information they learned about Hamilton, students were assigned to write a poem, scene, monologue, song or rap about Alexander and present it in their own way. Many schools were represented and showcased a variety of musical styles highlighting "hip-hop" as the show’s theme. 


With an overall count of 1900 students from different neighborhoods and backgrounds, students didn't see color or neighborhood differences---they rather, found unity in singing and dancing together. On the ride back to the school, many students asked about performing and were eager to learn more about the upcoming field trips. They sang songs along the ride which I assumed was from the musical inspirations of the Hamilton experience. For thou art had an awesome time! Hopefully they will invite us again!