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Remote Learning Plans

Remote learning will begin Monday April 13, 2020 for students and parents. Click, "Remote Learning Plans," above for more details. More information can also be found within the home page. Students be sure to check your email and Google classroom daily! Wishing Gage Park community great health and wellness!
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Gage Park High School: Covid-19 Remote Learning Plans

Our teachers will provide their students daily learning activities and will be available for at least two hours everyday to keep students connected and engaged until school re-opens. Your child will also receive regular
communication and feedback from their assigned teacher on learning activities. Remote Learning will begin Monday April 13, 2020.
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Economic Awareness Council Field Trip

On Monday, February 24th, 17 juniors and seniors attended the Young Chicago Saves Conference at Fosco Park. Professionals from the business industry met with the students to complete resumes, mock interview questions and set goals. Other topics that were discussed included: Banking, Savings & Investing and Journalism.

Gustavo and Gabriela were on the panel and discussed what they learned from the Financial Literacy course that they took at Gage Park.
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Future Scientists!!

Students began their exploration into chemical and physical changes through a series of stations that required them to document the physical properties of various chemicals before and after a reaction may have taken place. The goal was for students to relate what they saw at the macroscopic level to any possible changes occurring at the microscopic (molecular) level and support their answers with observations.
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Daley College for Manufacturing Day!

On Wednesday, Oct. 8th the Senior Class attended Daley College for Manufacturing Day. The students were introduced to all the careers that Daley offers. Also, they were given the requirements needed to enroll at Daley College. Afterward, the students visited Dart Inc. to get a hands-on look at careers in manufacturing.
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Allied Health

Introducing our first Allied Health cohort! We want our students to know that they can aspire to be whatever they set their hearts out be! Their smiles keep us inspired!
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