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Remote Learning Plans

Remote learning will begin Monday April 13, 2020 for students and parents. Click, "Remote Learning Plans," above for more details. More information can also be found within the home page. Students be sure to check your email and Google classroom daily! Wishing Gage Park community great health and wellness!
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Gage Park High School: Covid-19 Remote Learning Plans

Our teachers will provide their students daily learning activities and will be available for at least two hours everyday to keep students connected and engaged until school re-opens. Your child will also receive regular communication and feedback from their assigned teacher on learning activities. Remote Learning will begin Monday April 13, 2020.
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Student Voice Committee Town Hall Meeting!

SVC enjoyed an amazing experience at Network 16 Town Hall. Daisy Calderon volunteered and stood up to speak in front of hundreds of students during the closing and she did an amazing job!
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Economic Awareness Council Field Trip

On Monday, February 24th, 17 juniors and seniors attended the Young Chicago Saves Conference at Fosco Park. Professionals from the business industry met with the students to complete resumes, mock interview questions and set goals. Other topics that were discussed included: Banking, Savings & Investing and Journalism. Gustavo and Gabriela were on the panel and discussed what they learned from the Financial Literacy course that they took at Gage Park.
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Future Scientists!!

Students began their exploration into chemical and physical changes through a series of stations that required them to document the physical properties of various chemicals before and after a reaction may have taken place. The goal was for students to relate what they saw at the macroscopic level to any possible changes occurring at the microscopic (molecular) level and support their answers with observations.
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Daley College for Manufacturing Day!

On Wednesday, Oct. 8th the Senior Class attended Daley College for Manufacturing Day. The students were introduced to all the careers that Daley offers. Also, they were given the requirements needed to enroll at Daley College. Afterward, the students visited Dart Inc. to get a hands-on look at careers in manufacturing.
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Allied Health

Introducing our first Allied Health cohort! We want our students to know that they can aspire to be whatever they set their hearts out be! Their smiles keep us inspired!
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National College Fair!

Our students attended the National College Fair this past Saturday! Thank you, Mr. Davis, Counselor Ramirez and City Year for supporting our students!
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Freshman Trip to Garfield Conservatory

Freshman students attended the Garfield Conservatory on May 24, 2019, with the Freshman team teachers Mr. Voss, Mr. Dunphy, Ms. D. Ruiz, and Ms. M. Ruiz to explore the various types of plants in the conservatory. Students toured and learned more about the flora of different regions, as well as engaged with their peers. This field trip was an incentive for having 100% of our freshmen at Gage Park High school tested for the PSAT 9th exam. This also served as an opportunity for grade-level unity in Gage Park High School and community building among classmates through the shared experiences at the field trip.
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Mikva Challenge Action Showcase

Our SVC leaders presented our improving attendance project at the Mikva Challenge Civic Action Showcase at the Bridgeport Arts Center, and they did an amazing job!
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Financial Empowerment Conference at Northeastern Illinois University!

On Friday, April 26th 29 Gage Park students attended the Financial Empowerment Conference at Northeastern Illinois University. They had the task of creating a business that would help the community. Some proposals included: South Side Youth Center, Festival, Supermercado, and a Fitness Center. Everyone had a good time.
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Dreamers Club!

Our Dreamers got to meet UIC students and ask questions about their undocumented alliance group, their heritage garden and what it is like attending UIC!
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6th Annual Young Men of Color Summit at Chicago State University!

Thirteen students along with Mr.Davis and Corey Medina of the College and Career Center attended the 6th Annual Young Men of Color Summit at Chicago State University on Thursday, March 14th. There were some amazing workshops that the students chose from such as Character Does Matter, The Crossroads of Destiny, How To Cure The Disease of Low Expectation, Black Males & Identity, etc. Also, there was a Scholarship Workshop, College and Career Fair and a Resource Fair. These are the students who attended: Antwan Hicks, Ricardo Santiago, Rigo Urquiza, Ivan Sanchez, Luis Gomez, Markus Kilgore, Eduardo Gonzalez, Broderick Sims, Jovanni Bacilio, Jovanny Hernandez, Brandon Dorsey, Jaylen Banks, and Mateo Curiel.
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S.W.A.G Celebration!

Gage Park has S.W.A.G!! Students with Academic Growth! Categories: 95% or higher attendance! C or higher in all content areas! 1 or less misconduct reports! Keep your SWAG tight Gage Park!!!
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Black History Month Assembly!

Gage Park celebrated Black History Month with an awesome assembly honoring our ancestors: with a wonderful performance by staff, students, and Gage Park RISE Hip-Hop!
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CPS has now made applying to a CPS High School easier. They have centralized and streamlined the applications for nearly every High School and made them avaliable online through the new GoCPS Website. High School application process opens October 2nd, 2017 on the GoCPS site.