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Communities in schools

Communities in Schools is a national drop out prevention organization. The Chicago affiliate works in two distinct ways; the partnership approach, in which schools have access to over 170 community partners that provide no cost programs and services to the school population and the intensive approach, in which schools have access to the programs and services in the partnership approach, and additionally have a full time social worker in the school that works with students individually and in groups.

Communities in Schools of Chicago currently works with approximately 135 schools, 7 of which have the intensive program. Here at Gage we have the intensive program. What this means for Gage Park High School is that a full time Site Coordinator is placed with in the schools to work to support the school community. The Site Coordinator makea connections to provide Tier One services, which are services that are accessible to the school community at large. Examples of this work would be, today, 15 students are going to get their school physicals and updated shots via a connection made to the Beethoven School Clinic through the partnership with CIS of Chicago. While this does not include the full student population, this services is non exclusionary, so anyone who needed it could be a part of it and it is meeting a need of the school to get students in medical compliance.

Further, the Site Coordinator provides Tier Two and Tier Three supports. Supports include, ABC (attendance, behavior, and course performance) prevention/ intervention, social emotional learning, and connection to resources outside of school as needed. These case managed services are provided to referred students with parental consent. Throughout the school year the Site Coordinator can provide this tailored support to up to 50 students. Within the case managed services, students work to accomplish set goals that will help them succeed in school and in life.